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Mental Health Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Admission Information 
Admission inquiries are welcomed directly from individuals, family members, physicians and clinicians. Please call us at 617-484-5700 and someone from the admission's team will be available to discuss your needs. Some pre-admission assessments may be necessary to evaluate the individual's level of functioning and help us match the client to the best type of treatment. Due to the community nature of Wild Acre Inns programs, all admissions are made on a voluntary basis.

Who do I contact to make a referral to Belmont Wild Acre?

Hildi Ahee, M.Ed. Director of Admissions and Clinical Services, 617-484-5700. 

What clinical paperwork do I need for the admission process?

  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Demographic page
  • List of medications
  • Physical evaluation
  • TB verification

What is the admission process?

  • Contact the admissions department at 617-484-5700 to discuss client
  • Clinical documentation will be evaluated by the Admissions team
  • An in-person or phone interview will take place
  • If deemed clinically appropriate, the client will be admitted

Belmont Wild Acre is a private pay only program and does not accept insurance.

Wild Acre Inns does not accept Masshealth/Medicaid or Medicare. 

Licensing, Accreditation, and Policies

Belmont Wild Acre is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Department of Mental Health (DMH).  

The staff at Belmont Wild Acre are MAP (Medication Administration Program) Certified. MAP was implemented to increase the safety and security of medication administration for individuals with mental illness or mental retardation living in licensed or certified community-based residences.


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