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Wild Acre Inns offers mental health residential treatment and partial programs at five community residential treatment facilities in Massachusetts.

Founded in 1972 by psychiatrist Dr. Bernard S. Yudowitz, Wild Acre Inns has earned the reputation as a leading mental health agency in Massachusetts. The programs offer dynamic therapeutic communities that provide an effective and unique approach to residential treatment and day programs. Wild Acre Inns offers a Continuum of Care which provides varying therapeutic stages as the client progresses towards independence.

The Continuum of Care includes a comprehensive system of residential treatment and day treatment mental health programs from highly structured to independent living. Wild Acre Inns' continuum allows the client to move through its system without a break in treatment. Every client is provided with psychiatric services, individual treatment plans, and a continuity of clinical services. Psychiatric assessments and treatment involve team members from a variety of disciplines. The treatment may be assisted by in house psychiatric services or work in collaboration with a client's established psychiatric treater.

Wild Acre Inns' mental health residential programs offer a safe environment that fosters support for the mentally ill client. This support assists the client in achieving the highest level of functioning in the least restrictive environment.

Some of the specific types

of mental illnesses treated

at Wild Acre Inns include:

• Schizophrenia
• Schizoaffective disorder
• Depression
• Bipolar disorder spectrum
• Character pathology
• Schizoid personality disorder
• Borderline personality disorder
• Alcohol and drug addictions
• History of trauma

Our Vision Statement

To dedicate all our energy and resources to providing our clients with the highest quality of care through a continuum of community-based mental health services.

Our Mission Statement

To equip individuals with the skills necessary to attain their highest level of functioning through professional treatment, quality care, and cost-effective mental health services in the least restrictive environment.

Joint Commission Accreditation

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